Insulation materials from wood

Starting date

February 07, 2023

Contact person

Erik Kolehmainen

Fiberwood is a young company that upcycles side-streams of the mechanical wood industry to create 100% ecological and recyclable insulation and packaging materials that are free from fossil-based materials. Valued at EUR 25 billion, the global insulation market is currently dominated by two groups of products: inorganic mineral wools, such as stone or glass wool, and fossil-based cellular plastic products, like polystyrene. However, these products have more environmental consequences as they are not recyclable or biodegradable. Fiberwood’s bio-based, plastic-free, and compostable insulation sheets are made from wood pulp and side streams from the mechanical wood industry with special foam-forming technology. The insulation sheets include natural traits of trees as well as air pockets that increase the material’s insulation capabilities. The products are carbon negative as they store and bind carbon dioxide to the wood for as long as it exists. The insulation sheets are easy, safe, and quick to install. Once they are ready to be recycled, the insulation sheets will biodegrade into plastic-free soil.

Metsä Spring invested in Fiberwood in early 2023 (as part of a larger financing round). With the new financing, Fiberwood will upgrade its pilot plant and thus, accelerate the testing of the production technology and the market traction for their products.

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