Waterproof wood composite products

Starting date

July 05, 2019

Contact person

Niklas von Weymarn

Woodio Ltd was established in 2016 with the aim to develop and commercialise a new biomaterial technology based on small wood chips as the main raw material. The bio-based composite material is 100% waterproof and is formed into end-products by cast moulding. Early on this young Finnish company chose bathroom washbasins as their first target market. Woodio’s first washbasin collection, Soft, was introduced to the marketplace in 2017. Today, the Woodio collection comprises already 16 different washbasin designs.

Metsä Spring has now joined the financiers and supporters of Woodio. In addition to financing, Metsä Group will have also other possibilities to help developing Woodio on its way towards industrialisation. The fact that Woodio can use Metsä Group’s industrial side-stream as its raw material, makes this a prime example of circular bioeconomy.