Wood-based 3D packages

Starting date

February 13, 2020

Contact person

Jarkko Tuominen

New solutions to replace single-use (disposable) plastics are in high demand. The solutions sought for should be based on renewable raw materials, manufactured with minimal environmental footprint, and be recyclable. The new material should also be biodegradable, should it end up in nature.

Together with Valmet, Metsä Spring has initiated a development project that aims, in its first phase, to find such new solution. Our solution is based on sustainably grown, renewable Northern wood and especially on the wood component known as cellulose fibre. The current project phase can be described as a pre-study. It focuses on developing a technical concept, based on which a real pilot line could be built. We are also searching for a suitable wood-based raw material for the manufacturing, as well as evaluating the business opportunity  in more detail. The new 3D product would be fully fossil free and we believe it to be of particular interest in various large volume consumer packaging applications.