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“Broad collaboration is essential for true innovation.”
Niklas von Weymarn
CEO/Metsä Spring

About us

Metsä Spring is the venture capital arm of Metsä Group. We invest worldwide in promising startups and early-stage companies with a visible path to the Metsä Group business ecosystem. In addition to financing, we also provide access to Metsä Group’s global network and expertise.

Most innovations are born as a result of broad collaboration. This calls for partnering and genuine co-creation between a rich variety of organisations. And in the end of the day, it’s people doing the job – the role of individuals and personal chemistry must not be undervalued.


Metsä Group business ecosystem

We use the term ‘business ecosystem’ to portray the network of organisations that have business relationships with each other. All organisations in the business ecosystem have their own strategies and goals, but together they form a symbiotic entity. For the Metsä Group, this brings about the industrial processing of renewable and certified Northern wood into added-value bioproducts and renewable energy.

The actors in Metsä Group’s business ecosystem span from forest owners, via several industrial value chains, to a variety of end-consumers. Service providers and recycling of the materials are key dimensions of the ecosystem.

Our areas of interest

We are looking for companies, globally, with solutions that make the business ecosystem around Metsä Group stronger in the future. The cases of interest range from business ideas built on the manufacturing of a physical product (with a link to wood as the original raw material), to business ideas based on novel digital tools.

We believe that broad collaboration is essential for true innovation – join us on our quest to build innovative solutions that will strengthen the ecosystem in the future.

Financing stage

Metsä Spring is looking to help startups and early-stage companies pass the “valley of death”. This means that the best fit with our ambitions are companies looking for Series A financing. However, in specific instances we also consider being involved in the Seed financing round, especially if the company in question has been set up at an earlier stage and already has some history to show.


08.05.2020 MetsäSpring

MI Demo appoints Kari Ala-Kaila as CEO

MI Demo’s Board of Directors has appointed Mr. Kari Ala-Kaila as the CEO of the company as of 1 June

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07.05.2020 MetsäSpring

Woodio recipient of the Fennia Prize Winner award

Woodio Ltd, a Metsä Spring portfolio company, is prize recipient in one of Finland’s most prominent design competitions. Hence, the

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18.02.2020 MetsäSpring

Metsä Spring will participate in the 4th European Chemistry Partnering event on 27th of February

Metsä Spring will be attending again the European Chemistry Partnering event held in Frankfurt. Niklas von Weymarn and Erik Kolehmainen

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