We boldly invest in and support promising startups and potential innovations that explore new uses for sustainably-grown Nordic wood.
Niklas von Weymarn
Erik Kolehmainen
VP, Corporate Venturing
Katariina Kemppainen
SVP, Group R&D
Kirsti Härö
Executive assistant

About us

Founded in 2018, Metsä Spring is Metsä Group’s innovation company. We have a dual role:

  • We work to develop new business opportunities related to wood-based value chains, which involves both investing worldwide in promising startups as well as implementing our own selected pilot/demo projects; and
  • All endeavours that Metsä Spring participates in must have the potential to strengthen the Metsä Group business ecosystem in the long run. Metsä Spring is a strategic investor and igniter of innovation in the field of the wood-based circular bioeconomy.

Our vision is a thriving forest-based ecosystem that delivers the full value of sustainably grown Nordic wood.


What we are looking for

Metsä Spring is looking for investment opportunities that:

  • Find new purposes and higher value for Nordic wood, create more long-lasting products, and replace fossil-based materials in everyday products.
  • Can improve the business ecosystem around Metsä Group.

Cases of interest to us range from business ideas built on the manufacturing of a physical product (with a link to Northern wood) to business ideas based on novel digital tools.

We believe that broad collaboration is essential for true innovation – join us on our quest to build innovative and sustainable solutions of tomorrow.

Financing stage

With regard to startup investments, Metsä Spring is looking to help companies pass the so-called “valley of death”.

In practice, this typically refers to young companies that already have a first product on the market and whose team has grown to around 5-10 members.

With business ideas based on manufacturing a physical product, the most suitable companies are those about to enter the pilot/demo phase and who are looking for financing to cover investment in a pilot/demo plant.

Our ticket size ranges from approximately €0.5 million to €5 million.

In some selected cases, we can also consider companies that are at a late seed stage.

Metsä Spring can act as a lead investor, and are happy to co-invest with other VCs that are looking for an experienced, expert partner. We include transparent processes and terms that everyone can agree on.

In addition to financing, Metsä Spring also provides access to Metsä Group’s global network and expertise.

Decisions related to startup investments and starting own R&D&I projects are made by the Board of Directors of Metsä Spring.

Get in touch

If you’re a wood-based startup looking for financing and support or you’d like to form a collaboration with us, we want to hear from you!

Reach us at metsaspring@metsagroup.com


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